CrossCensor -- the modern perception tool

The inspiration comes from the renaissance personality Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1518), who was artist, scientist, and inventor - in the same person. Versatility is often looked for in to-day's narrow-mindedness, dominated by specialists. For versatility we choose the term CrossCensor, where the symbol "N" demonstrates the human being's eternal fight -- upwards, downwards, and upwards again -- where upwards is the permanent trend -- in spite of temporary backlashes. This is also the case for the Creapreneur -- in Swedish Kreaprenör, which is our registered name for a creative entrepreneur, i.e. the future winner.

CrossSensor makes the creapreneur socially open and interactive, which is necessary, since the Experience society is linked to the new interactive media that diversify the general public. In the same time CrossCensor is healthily individual oriented, and empathically relation minded, in coordination with our material world. Originated from our senses are such things as desires, wishes, and dreams, which in turn create new innovations. Those who are not guided by their senses have not comprehended the human inner essence -- i.e. Common Sense.

Without our senses we might not get any impressions, and neither be able to feel, to think, or even to learn different things.

The new Relation Spirits of Community

CrossSensor coordinates individuals and their relation spirits of community with the material world in a relevant cultural environment.

The model simplifies without disregarding complicated connections. It is dynamic -- forward and backward in time and space. Above all it considers individual claims and ideas, as well as relating them to different communities. This refinement is speeded up by the electronic revolution. Television, by the way of deepening the emotional world, and the computer, via extension of the brain, have put biology in focus.The consequence is the birth of an IT-oriented, free, and intractable citizen.

The vertical axis of the CrossSensor model with the individual drivers (upwards from N) and the collective drivers (downwords from N)
Let us look at the individual and relation oriented Vertical axis of the model, which represents and positions the new "intractable" human being as an individual and as a member of a team.

Thus the CrossCensor model puts the new and free human being in focus - a cheeky individualist! Such a person defends above all (upwords from N) Health, Identity, Integrity, Equality, and Influence, but is in the same time looking for Relations, and is building Solidarity with like-minded people. For that reason this person shows (downwords from N) Consideration, Empathy, Engagement, Passion and Experience, in order to create Experiences together with other people.

The Horizontal - the Senses axis of the CrossSensor model

SENSES > BRAIN > FEELING (Control - Internal - Skin) > SCENT > TASTE > HEARING > SIGHT >

In order to understand the "intractable" person of to-day we have to coordinate the Vertical axis with the Horizontal one. The latter shows our senses, which primarily face and register new technical innovations, which in their turn may change people as well as transform us in our cultural Environment. For that reason the sciences, which express the influenc of Culture, are also represented on the Horizontal axis.

The starting-Point for the Horizontal axis is some theses, expressed by the late Canadian media guru Marshall McLuhan and the Spanish-American sociologist Manuel Castell. The axis emanates from all the human senses, as well as the human being's eternal ambition to make them better, longer, and deeper. But the axis also considers the cultural ambition to transform the innovations. Simply expressed: the muscles grow better and longer by help of machines; the eyes by binoculars and microscopes; the ears and the voice by receivers, headphones, computer phones etc.

The Human Technological Cross

In order to get a hang of Cross Censor we have to make clear its four corner Squares.

In the NW Square
...furthest up the the left we imagine the lonely individuals with their physiological basic needs. as well as need of security, which, for different reasons, such as hearing impairness and deafness, cannot be satisfied by the human senses.

In the SW Square
...we may imagine such an individual in a feverish hunt for affinity, i.e. to find someone to start a dialogue with, which could eliminate limitations and break isolation. This might produce a higher quality to life, when confidence in somebody -- or even love for that person -- has got vital importance. The physiological and security needs are transformed to immaterial needs, which will be satisfied by a partner, a mentor, an expert etc.

In the NE Square
...we may imagine the lonely individuals who obtain increased self confidence by their partners' appreciation. They have continued to develop their gifts and talents. And now they demand respect, acknowledgement, and credit. This means the acceleration of the immaterial need, which might even lead to maximization of the individual life delight, i.e. hedonism.

In the SE Square
...furthest down to the right the selfish individuals start to think of others, and to fulfill themselves together with like-minded people -- often in larger fellowships. This means maximization of love, empathy, and relations to other people.

Please pay attention to the technical and social factors of the world around!Before putting the CrossSensor Model into practise we have to add to each Square the third dimension, i.e. the space, by which we mean technical, social, and cultural factors in society and business, locally and globally. We must consider this in the separate cases, when we try to find "magical voids" for institutions, towns, and companies, locally or internationally. In the same time we try to coordinate these factors with the sensoric R&D (Research and Development).

If you make an inventory of all potential factors, e.g. in a town or a company, you may by help of the co-ordinates (NW, SW, NE, and SE) take into consideration the material world of the inhabitants/customers, which governs each co-ordinate by help of the horizontal axis.

Implicitly: the technical and cultural development. Behind each co-ordinate you will find a BOX of POSSIBILITIES, which contains partly filled as well as completely unfilled "voids", i.e. "when you open the door" (see figure). The unfilled "voids" may be turned "magic" by creative entrepreneurs (C
reapreneur®) or similarly composed groups, capable to make innovations with regard to economy, technique, and science, combined with art, music, and the humanities.